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Pruductivity, measured unit output process viz a vie per unit input. Output cost v Input cost to aim for a profitable production process. In enable delivery of a viable product the difference between the input and output costs have to be audited to ensure that a percentage profit is achieved when the product sale is made. Check additional information about productivity.

Productivity a business output solution that must deliver a quality product to the buyer, while securing a typical sales percentage profit for the vendor

Key Performance Indicators, measuring, monitoring and calibration of production data processes and systems.

Economic growth and productivity sit side by side as partners in business development, manufacture and product output. In 2010 in the midst of the worst economic recession since the 1930s these two partners may experience areas of stagnant growth and output. We will endeavor to explain what that means. A manufacturer located in Ireland may not be able sustain and maintain a product productivity output, and one of the reasons applicable to declining product output may be due to the local economic growth factor which is in Ireland's case is in a negative growth period. This has impacted on the manufacturer as no banks will act as financial production funding enablers. Without external bank or third party financial loans they cannot reach and deliver targeted productivity output schedules. A similar product manufacturer located in Germany where the local economic growth is in a positive mode, the manufacturers secures a loan delivered by a banking financial enabler resulting in reaching and delivering targeted productivity output schedules.

Productivity is a business matrix that can be either boosted by synergy connectivity with a positive economic growth environment. Similarly a negative impact can be induced when connectivity occurs in a negative economic growth environment.

Productivity and Key Performance Indicators are partners in business solutions. Productivity is an integral element in these business processes, production process, income distribution process, real process, market value process, monetary process, there is a financial characteristic in all these areas which are usually audited by financial controllers and/or financial directors employed by the production company. Productivity models are based on a profitability calculation which partitions surplus value as a profitable sales margin factor. All audited accounts and results of productivity are supported by computer based productivity applications which can process and data mine and process manufacturing and production parameters. Processed data delivery can be sent in real time automatically from the computer system application to the financial department and controller and/or the financial director by email, by SMS delivery, via high and low value alerts, by cloud computer data storage platforms and any other compatible data delivery process.

Local, regional, national and international business models are all very similar across the world however there way be a preferred language option required on some computerized productivity data process management systems. That is not an issue as all professional and reputable productivity data processing systems are sold complete with multiple language delivery options. For systems that do not have multiple language delivery options as standard delivery, it will be necessary to order as an add on supply package.

Key Performance Indicators and Productivity are partners that will enable and factor success into your business process! The Productivity KPI is a great way to measure current productivity, plan the improvement in productivity and finaly achieve necessary productivity results.

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