Metrics Map for a Call Center's Performance on its Way to the Top

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Reviews are always present to ensure quality performance from your agents. However, implementing an efficient metrics map allows effective comparison. Check additional information about Metrics Map.

Metrics maps need not be maps in the literal sense. Going beyond what these words mean, you would be able to find out that it is a way for management to perform their tasks well by setting goals that employees have to meet. It is simply mapping out a course of action needed to ensure an organization's maximum level of performance by showing the specific direction they are aiming at. What should this document feature? Below is the top seven call center metrics and what they mean in the organization.

* Abandon Rate. Call abandonment rate is the number of calls that are hung up before the agent was able to answer. This sometimes is the basis of how fast agents answer calls. The faster the call is answered, the lower the abandon rate. It is critical to observe abandon rate, as unanswered calls mean lost sales opportunities and this reflects poorly on customer service. Additionally, it may also lead to a higher call volume, as customers who are unable to get through the first time would call over and over again until they are able to reach an agent.

* Average Talk Time, After Call Work, and Average Handle Time. Average talk time refers to the time spent by an agent talking to the customer while after call work is the time spent in documenting the call after the customer hangs up. Average handle time is the combination of both. Most call centers emphasize the need to lower AHT because a higher AHT implies increase in cost.

* Adherence, Attendance, and Punctuality. Adherence simply refers to how an agent adheres to his or her schedule. The higher schedule adherence is, the more productive the agent appears, as 'schedule' in schedule adherence refers to the time an agent is supposed to be on phone doing the job. Attendance, on the other hand, refers to an agent showing up for work on set scheduled days. Punctuality refers to an agent showing up on time for the shift. It is a challenge for most call centers to achieve good performance in these aspects so incentives are often given to those who are able to meet these metrics.

* First Call Resolution (FCR). This metric refers to customer issues resolved the first time the customer calls. This is important, as it most of the time equates to customer satisfaction.

* Cost per Call. Calculated in this way: Calls per hour/Agent's hourly wage.

* Turnover. Turnover can either be positive or negative, depending on who leaves. If it is a poor performer terminated from service, it is considered positive. However, if a good performer leaves, this is considered negative.

* Call Quality. There are no industry standards when it comes to monitoring calls. However, an agent must be able to cover a couple of criteria for a call to be considered of quality.

These are the things that a metrics map must have. Every metric is explained thoroughly to make sure that you would be able to visualize the map that a call center must arrive at. Abandon rates should go down while FCR must go up - simply stated and easy to understand. Indeed, this map helps a call center head towards the right direction.

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