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When you are still at the stage of getting to know kaizen, it is helpful that you lean about the facts related to kaizen. Discover some of the most important details about kaizen in this article. Check additional information about facts related to kaizen.

The Japanese fully understand what kaizen is all about and they know that this pertains to improvement. Contrary to what most people think, Kaizen is not about fast and abrupt changes when applied to a certain activity. The kaizen strategy is actually about slow yet sustainable development. Kaizen is not only applied on businesses but also inn the government, social life and in healthcare among others. However, since the business world is quite a tough world to be a part of, this is particularly linked to the process of improving internal company processes wherein the main goal is to eliminate the wastes that seem to take a lot of time, money and effort in the entire firm procedures. In order for you to completely understand what the kaizen strategy is all about, you will need to comprehend the facts related to kaizen including the terms that you will usually hear when people start talking about this approach.

First is the SDCA cycle which stands for standardize, do, check and act. This is actually a refinement of the primary term PDCA, which means plan, do, check and act. PDCA is a framework that enables the company to gain a methodical approach that will help in solving problems and also in nonstop improvement. There are twelve cycles here namely the selection of the project, the reasoning, goal setting, action plan preparation, data gathering, fact analysis, providing solutions, testing the solutions, goal satisfaction, solution implementation, monitoring solutions and continuous improvement. In SDCA, this is aimed at stabilizing the production processes before the company makes an attempt to make changes.

The five elements of kaizen are also important which include teamwork, discipline in one's self, morale boost, quality circles and improvement recommendations. Results oriented management is also one of the facts related to kaizen which pertains to the fashion of management that is associated with the performance, controls, results, product, punishments and rewards. Supervising the employees is based upon the work that they have performed in this case. You might also hear about the radar chart, which is often lined to kaizen strategy. This is circular chart that has ten rays and beams. They represent the concepts and the principles of kaizen. The said chart is utilized as a diagnostic tool in order for the management to measure the degree of consistency with the approach that is exhibited by the organization.

Quality function deployment is also a term that is linked to kaizen in which this refers to the system where the requirements of the customers are being transformed into designing characteristics. These are known as the true quality characteristics but when converted they are turned into counterpart characteristics. The latter will be deployed as components and production processes so that new products will be manufactured. These new products are the improved version of the older ones and thus they are targeted towards the satisfaction of the customers. Quality first is also one of the facts related to kaizen which is in fact a concept that states that even if you are able to improve the delivery and the cost, no improvement will eventually take place based upon the quality of the products.

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