Several Stages of Kaizen Checks

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Kaizen means continuous improvement. If this concerns business it means improvements in production and business management. How does Kaizen philosophy influence business and what are mos timportant stages of Kaizen checks? Check additional information about Kaizen checks.

Japanese people have always been famous for their perfectionism. They believe there are no limits in making things better. Perhaps, this is one of possible explanation versions of the famous Japanese industrial wonder. The country severely punished after World War II managed to become one of the leaders in various industry. Kaizen concept is one of the things that explains it. In Japanese language Kaizen means continuous improvement. It means that not a single business process can be perfect. There is always space to develop.

Kaizen checks are phases or stages of implementing changes in the company business procedures and processes. Each page has own peculiar features and goals. It should be said that all Kaizen checks are interrelated, and failure at one stage on a man and when you failure of the entire Kaizen process. The key goal Kaizen checks is to get read all business processes that hamper the company from being successful, as well as to improve internal processes and stimulate personal growth of every employee. The key slogan of Kaizen concept is "There is always something to be improved."

Implementation of Kaizen concept begins with its introduction to top management. Of course, employees on lower levels can start on their own, but without direct participation of top managers Kaizen will be a waste of time. Kaizen becomes effective only when managers engaged in decision-making are involved. In such a way, our recommendations from lower managerial levels will turn into relevant decisions that will lead to improvements in a company.

Once Kaizen is adopted at top management level it is time to get everyone in the company involved. Similar to the concept of Balanced Scorecard where all company employees should understand their contribution to implementation of strategic goals, Kaizen requires everyone's understanding and commitment. Only in such a way the concept works at its full potential. If everyone in the company, from secretary to managing director, is thinking about what can be improved, positive results are highly probable.

It goes without saying that all one has to assume responsibility for adoption of Kaizen checks.

It is recommended to create a special working group. One of the most common mistakes is appointment of just one of two persons who will be in charge of Kaizen concept in the company. As Kaizen must become everyone's working religion, the working group invite specialists from all business units of a company. If heads of business unit directly participate in Kaizen discussion they can then pass a word about this system in their departments, so that employees offer their own suggestions as to possible improvements in work.

One of the most important things in Kaizen checks is the fact that it should really become a part of everyday routine in the company. Just talking about Kaizen does not mean success. All commendations and suggestions from all managerial and production levels must be discussed and checked for consistency. Some of them will be ignored, others are labeled as unnecessary, but a number of suggestions can lead to very effective decisions.

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