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this article defines the relevance of cascade balanced scorecard in a organization to ensure success and expansion. It helps the employees in remembering and maintaining their goals at all times. Check additional information about Cascade Balanced Scorecard.

No matter how much time the management team takes to design the balanced score cars but if the strategies used are not effective or if they are not communicated properly to the employees then the balance scorecard will fail to give productive results. Many of the companies fail to progress because their employees are are unaware of the company's goals and objectives. In this scenario attaining goals and objective turns out to be impossible. However, this problem can be easily solved through proper development and implementation of cascade balanced scorecard.

The problems mentioned above occur because of issues with organizational alignment. Proper organizational alignment can be achieved through proper implementation of balance score card. Due to high effectiveness of balance score ards they are often refered to by the management team and the employees to visualize teh key performances of the company . it helps the employees remembering the pre-decided goals and targets.

Lets discuss how balance score card helps to pertain the goals and objectives in a call center. In call centers the employees are the agents because they are in constant contact with the clients or the customers. Thus each and every of the employee will have a balance score card containing several key performance indicators. These indicators will visualize their individual performance while they are attending calls. The team managers will have a balanced score card which will tell the over all team performance and the account managers will have balanced score card that will tell them the performance of the accounts they handle. In this manner, the major balanced score card will mark organizational alignment from every business aspect.

However, cascade balanced score card is quiet different from a typical balanced score card. In a cascade balanced score card the entire corporate's score card is broken into many small units. The top most unit or level is given the name of Tier 1. Starting from Tier 1, the entire BSC would be broken down systematically according to every business unit or department. The unit defining performance of every department will be called Tier 2. The next level will define the targets of individuals or teams. This Tier is called Tier 3. Once all the tiers are done you will notice how the goals of the entire organization are defined focusing especially on the individual goals and growth.

A cascade balanced score card translates the objectives of a company across, upward and upward. The goals and targets are distributed equally amongst al business units, functional areas and management teams. Also the indicators through which their performance will be measured is also defined through a cascade balanced scorecard. The cascade balance score card helps in maintaining the alignment of every department so that the objectives are met strategically and growth is achieved. If right goals and strategies are set then the cascade balanced score card becomes a very strong tool enabling companies and organizations to create a framework which is success driven.

Cascade balanced score card is easy to implement and it defines the goals & objectives in the simplest language possible enabling the employees to understand them clearly. Many of the renowned companies all over the world have used cascade balanced score card to achieve success and expand their business globally.

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