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  • General - The category includes articles about Balanced Scorecard and KPIs, including articles that describe various applications of Balanced Scorecard concept in business.
  • Strategic Planning - In Strategic planning category you will learn more about strategic planning with Balanced Scorecard, creating business goals and transforming them into strategy maps.
  • Case Studies and Best Practices - The best ideas about Balanced Scorecard - check articles that include case studies and best practices about Balanced Scorecard concept.
  • BSC FAQ - Articles in this category features Frequently Asked Questions and best answers about Balanced Scorecard concept.
  • BSC Templates - Building Balanced Scorecard is much easier when you have some ready-to-use templates, articles in this category contains some great ideas for BSC templates.
  • SWOT Analysis - Before designing Balanced Scorecard we need to find key business problems and goals that we want to address. Articles in this category review how to do this with SWOT analysis.
  • 6 Sigma - 6 Sigma and Balanced Scorecard - can quality control and strategy planning be combined? Articles in this section analyzes the possibility of using together 6 Sigma and Balanced Scorecard
  • Cascading in BSC - Having just one scorecard is not enough! If you want to use Balanced Scorecard concept company-wide then you need to use cascading approach. Learn more in articles in this category.
  • BSC software - Balanced Scorecard concept is easy to understand, but we still need complex software to support it. Learn more about how to find the best software for Balanced Scorecard.
  • BSC in Excel - Balanced Scorecard in practice can be done not just by pen and pencil, when you scorecard is growing most companies stat using MS Excel as a first tool for Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy Maps - Strategy maps helps CEOs and top managers to visualize the current strategy of the company. Learn more about creating of Strategy Maps and implementing them in Balanced Scorecard concept.
  • Success Stories - Need more inspiration about Balanced Scorecard? Check articles in this category to learn more about successful implementations of Balanced Scorecard.
  • BSC Guides - When designing your own Balanced Scorecard good guide and step-by-step manual is what you need! You will find some guides in this category.
  • BSC for HR - One of the most important area of Balanced Scorecard implementation is HR. Learn more about how to use Balanced Scorecard in HR in articles in this category.
  • Presentation with Balanced Scorecard - Once you have Balanced Scorecard you need to present your ideas to stakeholders. Learn more about the best way to do this!
  • BSC Training - When you start investing in Balanced Scorecard the first thing that you should invest in is education. Learn more about how to train to build Balanced Scorecard.
  • Dashboards - Dashboards helps us in getting information as fast as possible! Learn more about creating dashboards for Balanced Scorecard.
  • Partnership Opportunities with BSC - Balanced Scorecard is one of the hot business niches today. Are you interested in joining this market? Learn more in articles in this category.
  • BSC Implementation - The significant step about Balanced Scorecard is implementation of the concept. In this section you will find ideas about how to implement Balanced Scorecard concept successfully.
  • Creating Best KPI - The key step in Balanced Scorecard design is designing of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), learn more about best practices in designing KPIs.
  • BSC Examples - Designing Balanced Scorecard is much easier if you have good example! Learn more about great ideas for Balanced Scorecard in this category!
  • Customer Service and Call centers - Call centers use Balanced Scorecard concept to estimate and improve the quality of their service to end-customers. Learn about best practices in this area!
  • Test the Balanced Scorecard - Have your Balanced Scorecard ready-to-use? Are you sure that it will work properly? Learn more about testing the Balanced Scorecard!
  • Benchmarking with Balanced Scorecard - You know about benchmarking, but what about benchmarking using Balanced Scorecard? Sounds like a great ideas - learn more about doing this in practice!
  • Balanced Scorecard for Finance - Are you specialist from Finance? You will find a lot of interesting ideas in articles from this category, including some ready-to-use financial indicators.
  • Balanced Scorecard for Sales - The business is about improving profits, that's where Balanced Scorecard can help! Learn more about application of Balanced Scorecard for sales!
  • Kaizen - The category includes articles related to Japanese strategy planning methods such as Kaizen.


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