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It is not an easy job to implement BSC without experience and knowledge. For this reason, company top management and personnel must undergo special KPI training and coaching. Read more on this issue in this article. Check additional information about kpi coaching.

What are preconditions for successful implementation of Balanced Scorecard in a company? First and foremost, any company that is considering implementation of Balanced Scorecard should check out its readiness to use this fantastic performance evaluation tool that communicates operational and strategic management, and thus measures company progress on the way to implement strategic goals. It is almost impossible to succeed in Balanced Scorecard implementation without having prior experience and profound Balanced Scorecard knowledge. The system only looks easy to use, however, the reality is so much different. Indeed, BSC works according to a very simple principle - evaluation of key performance indicators which are interrelated within four categories of Balanced Scorecard: financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth. One of the greatest advantages of Balanced Scorecard is possibility to design strategy maps which clearly demonstrate cause and effect ties between various indicators and Balanced Scorecard categories. Choice of key performance indicators, however, is perhaps one of the most difficult and challenging tasks in the entire BSC implementation process. That's why KPI coaching and training is extremely important especially for companies and top managers without any Balanced Scorecard experience. Besides, it would be also good to organize BSC training for ordinary personnel.

KPI coaching may include various educational and training campaigns aimed at making the right choice of key performance indicators, as well as learning more about the nature of indicators. At a first glance, choice of key performance indicators looks quite easy. Indeed, there are so many sets available online and they are free to use. That is possible to find sets of key performance indicators designed for various businesses and departments/business units. However, one should remember that something that is good for one company may be a fatal decision for another, even if companies are operating in the same business environment and compete in the same markets. Key performance indicators are chosen individually for every company, and thus, KPI coaching and education is a must. It should be noted that looking for KPI Consulting and training companies or experts is a very good idea, if company top management and owners are really serious about implementation of Balanced Scorecard. The company should be ready for drastic changes, as well as its employees and top management should be ready to live with Balanced Scorecard but not just use this system.

Without any doubt choice of the right indicators to be evaluated in the four categories of Balanced Scorecard is a precondition for overall success with BSC. Experience shows that companies which have implemented Balanced Scorecard without professional assistance and consulting services are not always satisfied with the final results. Indeed, it is difficult to succeed with Balanced Scorecard without possessing deep knowledge on this issue. KPI coaching will provide both ordinary personnel and top management with necessary knowledge on measures and evaluation methods. Such training will also help understand how the performance indicators evaluation contributes to implementation of strategic goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. In such a way every employee in the company will understand his or her contribution to the company success.

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