The factors involved when you want to count words in MS Word

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If want to count words in MS Word, you got to know what factors in involved in MS Word 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007. This article discusses some essential aspects of word counting in MS Word. Check additional information about field braces.

MS Word helps you find word and character count info. There are quite some advanced applications in this great word processing software. Using fields in the document, you'll easily be able to insert the word counts as well as character counts for any given document. Since these counts change (in the editing phase, mostly) word will automatically update whatever is displayed by those fields. The fact is, Word is designed to keep track of even the summary info of your documents. Among those pieces of info maintained, a prime one is the number of characters within your document. Yet another one is the total number of words. But like just said, this info is updated at any time the file saved and/or printed. Did you know that Word 2007 will let users to easily insert the summary info in the document? Well, here are some simple steps to have it all done.

You should begin by positioning your insertion point just where you need the total word count figure to appear.

You got to also ensure that the tab that reads Insert tab is displayed. Then you need to click the tool that reads 'Quick Parts'. You'll get it on the Text group. While Word showcases some choices for you to choose the Field from, Word also displays a dialogue box that reads Field. By using the drop-down listing in the Categories, you will need to choose the Document Information. When you wish to insert character count figure in the document, you have to select the NumChars. You can choose from listing under the Field. If you're willing to place in the total word count in the document, just select NumWords. This one again, you will get in the Field Names list. All is done and you just have to click OK.

Nevertheless, some people are just using older versions of MS Word. For them, steps would be different. The whole journey should begin by positioning that insertion point wherever you wish the total word count figure to appear. Your next task in hand would be to choose Field. You'll find it on the Insert menu. At this point, you'll find the dialog box that reads 'Field'. Start by choosing the document Info as your field category (left side of the dialog box). For those who wish to insert character count figure, the smart move would be to select the NumChars on the list of the Field Names. When you wish to put in the total word count in the document, selecting NumWords on the list of the Field Names would be the prime task. Anyway, just click OK.

The next point we'll try to discuss is that, by uniting the use of the fields of NumChars and NumWords, you'll easily be able to calculate your word length (on average). To do that, you start off by positioning the insertion point. That's actually the point where we wish to insert fields. Now proceed by pressing Ctrl+F9 for inserting a given set of field braces into your document. In these braces, you need to type in an equal (=) sign. After this, you will have to press Ctrl+F9 once more for inserting yet one more set of field braces. In this new set of field braces that you've just got, type in NumChars. Then type a slash (/) right after the NumChars. Then just press Ctrl+F9 once more for inserting the 3rd set of field braces. Type the NumWords in the last set of field braces as well. Positioning the insertion point before that equal sign and pressing the F9 (for updating the field) is all you need to do to finish up.

If you are interested in field braces, check this link to find out more about count words. Also, you can check other articles in BSC Training category.


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