The ever expanding role HR in health care - Is there a massive drift in the horizon?

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There is an emerging change in the role of HR in health care. This article discusses to what extent that role is positive or negative. Check additional information about health care sector.

If you look deep inside, it'll be clear that there are some strong and vivid trends that involve increasing involvement and interplay of HR in health care sector. In year 2010 especially, this trend has gotten stronger than before. Here, there isn't actually any particular sequence of the importance those drifting factors come with. Nevertheless, there're some issues, ideas, as well as trends that surely tell you a lot about where the drift is taking us. First of all, it's apparent that the booming healthcare sector is likely to experience substantial job growth. This has recently been confirmed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to its reports, it is apparent that healthcare happens to be among the key sectors where the whole economy is likely to see substantial job growth following the Great Recession which was officially declared to have started in 2007. True, the much anticipated job growth in the healthcare sector was actually slowed down a little bit in 2009. Still, an uptick was well underway in terms of job growth especially in the last few months. And the trend suggests that today's healthcare sector is likely to enjoy a massive resurgence in hiring which is likely to continue at least for a few years or so.

Then again, there's now a huge hype for hunting qualified healthcare professionals who specialize in IT. Recently, HHS has acknowledged that there'll be a lack of qualified workers for creating and maintaining the intricate, interoperable computer systems working for the healthcare facilities around the nation. This vacuum might not be fully filled until 2014. That's the reason HHS earmarked 112 million dollars in grants last month for a variety of IT workforce expansion programs.

Moreover, HHS has also earmarked another 60 million dollars in grants in previous month to support the work of researchers for targeting "breakthrough advances," which overcome manifold barriers to the embracing and meaningful usage of health IT. And there's also a common trend that confirmed that the HR sector is likely to be asked to enhance employee awareness on the remarkably basic issue of nationwide availability of quality healthcare.

Healthcare companies around the nation are striving to be creative with the ideas and services they are offering. Let's take into consideration the issue of unions. Did you know that in last December 3 large sized RN unions have merged forming the National Nurses United with over 150,000-members? These people seem pretty dull about the objectives they are after. But the Service Employees International Union may make a solid push for almost every healthcare worker. So you can expect to see massive healthcare reforms in 2010.

Or at least, that's what it feels like if you gaze at the democratic congress or the labor-friendly Obama administration, which could easily renew their support towards the Employee Free Choice Act. This one is among the most important pro-labor legislations that happened in the last 50 years. And added force to this is the mandatory staffing ratios. It is quite simple, though. The most efficient way for the unions is to amplify their dues-paying membership will be to make their staffing ratios the top issue. And for almost sure, it'll hit your state too! So you may be able to bank on it after all.

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