What Makes a Good Indicator for Marketing?

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This is a question marketers should know how to answer. This way, the chances of developing a good mix of marketing indicators would become higher. Check additional information about Indicator for Marketing.

Any marketing program implemented by any existing company would have this general rule in mind: to generate leads over time, and eventually, significant sales. Businesses specializing in direct selling should make it a point to use direct marketing metrics so that there would be proper and apt measurement of just how effective their marketing activities are. If you are in the industry of direct marketing, then just how do you know which should be used as an indicator for marketing from the ones that should not be included? To start you on the right track, here are some examples of marketing metrics you just might need in your business: cost per head, average, lifetime value, and more.

There are actually several methods that most of today's direct marketers can use in assisting their sales force. The internet, in particular, is quite the useful tool in the dissemination of product information as well as in making offers. A popular method today is actually through emails. Yes, people have been using emails for their internet advertising campaigns and it has been quite the successful method. If you think about it, the act of emailing for advertising is really more convenient than the usual mediums, such as brochures, flyers, and leaflets. With such a convenience in your hands, why not utilize them then?

One particularly common metric for marketing used by many companies is cost per head, as mentioned above as well. This metric is all about sales generation. At present, there are some arguments amidst professional marketers, as to the base to use when it comes to the computation of cost per head ratios geared towards specific marketing campaigns. If you do decide to use this metric for your marketing campaign, then it is best to keep yourself abreast here. This way, you will not garner results that are just useless in the prediction and monitoring of trends.

It just might also help to use inquiry-to-lead conversion ratio as a direct marketing metric. Surely, your customers would have initial inquiries about the product or service that you are currently marketing. You can actually use these queries to your benefit and use them as potential leads. However, you do need to determine first if these queries are indeed qualified leads, and you can do this by checking two factors. The first is the quality of the inquiry, of course, and the second is the precision of the qualification criteria that you are using. The second factor, in particular, has to be given due attention because it is from here that a set of criteria is developed, which should be coordinated with your sales force, and should be deemed stable over time as well.

As expected, leads should become sales in the long run. This is a vital point in any marketing campaign. Low rates can be traced to the quality of the leads that the campaign has generated. There might be times when it could be argued that the problem does not lie with lead quality; rather, it lies with the sales force. This is precisely why you need to know what makes a good indicator for marketing or not. This is indeed the first step in choosing the right mix of indicators, to foster accuracy of measurement all throughout.

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