Understanding Motive KPI for Increased Company Productivity

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If a company wants to increase sales and productivity, it should get the maximum performance from the highest to the lowest echelon. Understanding motive KPI helps achieve this. Check additional information about motive kpi.

Motivating employees is always a perennial challenge for managers, supervisors, and team leaders. After all, the success of a company is dependent on the performance of its employees. And the key to getting the maximum quality of all employee's performance is to give them enough motive to do their jobs well. It is therefore important that companies should be able to identify the motive key performance indicators or motive KPIs that would affect an employee's motivation.

Imagine how motive can go a long way in a company. When the company gives even just a single employee enough motive to do his job well, that employee becomes happy and content. The employee's attitude towards work can influence others to do the same. This results to a happy working atmosphere. A happy working atmosphere builds happy working relationships and good teamwork. This will lead to outstanding products and services, which will increase client patronage. In time, client loyalty will become established. In short, increase in employee's productivity leads to increase in sales.

Many companies would go the distance to give employees the motive to do their jobs well. They invest in programs that increase the motivating factors of their employees. The most effective KPI for motives are the giving of incentives. These could be in form of cash, tour packages, gift checks, or bonuses. The main motive of those who tend to perform well is to get these incentives. But companies must have a definite goal of what they want to get out of their employees before they design an incentive system.

Cash and gifts are not the only incentives that would increase employee motive. Recognition for a job well done is also very important. One must not discount the fact that for some, the acknowledgment for a job well done is greater than all the other incentives combined.

It is also important that companies should make the jobs of their employees interesting, exciting, and challenging. It gives them a reason to look forward to every day at work. Company HRs should conduct a survey, or better yet, talk to each employee about what challenges them in their work and what they like best about their jobs. Recognize that there is always a diversity of talents and interests among employees within a company. Then give them tasks that are in line with their interests and would highlight their talents. It always boosts the self-esteem of every employee.

Employees should be involved in some, if not all, of the decision-making process. Involvement in the work process gives employees the added responsibility to follow the process or system he or she has taken part in setting up. This would also give them an idea how to accomplish the desired result in a faster and cost effective way.

Motive KPI are mostly based on incentive-driven and happy working environment principle. This is because employees must be taken cared of well if companies want them to develop enough motive to excel. Employees are company assets, human resources, that are invaluable.

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