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The 6 sigma dashboard is a visual representation of metrics, methodology, and management system of a company. It assists in improving performance, efficiency, and better management. Check additional information about 6 sigma dashboard.

The 6 sigma dashboard is an indispensible management tool used by businesses or companies for performance optimization. A dashboard which uses 6 sigma metrics and methodology gives focus to a company's strategic improvement plans.

The dashboard provides a space where information can be easily and immediately shared. Often, a dashboard would contain charts, graphs, or grids that present information which all employees could view. A 6 sigma dashboard gives up-to-date information and reports on factors that could affect performance over various levels of the company.

There are three useful degrees to a six sigma system. It can be applied as measurement metrics, as a methodology for improvement, and as a management system. A 6 sigma dashboard could employ all three degrees to its benefit.

Six sigma metrics is a tool used for measuring various factors that relate or affect performance. These metrics will supply information as to what kinds of improvements are needed for which area. Essentially six sigma metrics count the defects in products and shortcomings in processes.

It can measure indicators like the rate of product performance, customer satisfaction, employee output, profits, etc. It will collect and analyze data in order to provide a comprehensive picture of performance levels. This will help management formulate possible solutions to the issues discovered by the metrics.

The six sigma methodology focuses on using the information gathered through metrics in forming an efficient management plan. The methodology covers the definition and analysis of the opportunities to the measure, improvement, and control of performance (DMAIC). Organizations often use the DMAIC or the DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, and verify) methodology. DMAIC focuses on improving already existing processes. DMADV is useful to designing new process to increase efficiency. These methodologies should be considered in configuring a 6 sigma dashboard.

Six sigma based management system emerges from the metrics and methodology. It encapsulates all the information and processes and incorporates it into the running of all levels of the organization. This increases improvement and efficiency of processes. The 6 sigma dashboard keeps all relevant participants on the same page. The goals, progress, and shortcomings are immediately visible onscreen and easily referred to.

Six sigma as a management system can drive an organization's business strategy and help increase business results. It helps management efforts by focusing on which areas and process to improve, upgrade, or change. It also provides information critical to formulating solutions to existing and future issues, making them easier to mitigate, control, and manage. All this effort can be displayed on the 6 sigma dashboard.

A well calibrated and configured 6 sigma dashboard will be able to keep track of how an organization is performing and the areas of difficulties. Vital to any organization is knowledge of their weaknesses and strengths, in order for them to fully optimize their performance and make full use of the resources available. Information plays a big role in decision making, possessing the right information makes making the right and most beneficial decision easier.

A 6 sigma dashboard could provide the data and incentive to improve performance and systems. It will also be valuable in the maintenance of performance standards of an organization. It is a very useful tool to have in an organization's management arsenal.

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